Accessories & Consumables

For all utility and multi-utility infrastructure projects, we carry a full range of consumables including tapes, sprays and lubricants.


  • 2 part and 3 part DNO specification resin packs
  • Polyurethane jointing resin
  • Isocynate free JEM compound
  • Red putty
  • Densomastic

Cable Covers and Guards

  • Tape tile
  • Marker tile
  • Cable protection covers
  • Cable guard of various sizes to fit all cables

All materials can be tailored to suit the appropriate Regional Electricity Company

Earthing Accessories

  • Earth rods
  • Driving pins
  • Couplers
  • Clamps
  • Copper tape

All other substation and building earthing available on request


We carry a full range of distribution fuses, suitable for heavy duty cut-outs, LV distribution cabinets and much more. Our range includes:

  • House fuses
  • Mains fuses
  • Street light fuses
  • Time lag fuses

We can also supply these non-stock items:

  • HV fuses
  • Industrial fuses


The bits and bobs you always need on a job. Just what you need for those finishing touches.

  • Meter Security seals
  • Vinyl mastic tape
  • Heatshrink end caps
  • Coldshrink end caps
  • Shorting end caps (heatshrink and coldshrink)
  • Breakouts, 3 & 4 finger
  • Adhesive lined medium wall tubing
  • Cable ties
  • Scotch spray and lubricants
  • Wire pulling lubricants
  • Super88 tape
  • Cutout seals Denso tape

Cable Cleats

To clip cables to walls and cable trays:

  • Cable cleats for service
  • Cable black and LSOH
  • Cable cleats for all types of HV and LV cable

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