Utility Cables

All types of cable, both HV and LV are available and we ensure that they are fully compliant with all DNO and iDNO specifications. Cables can be supplied in full drums or cut to length and delivered to your stores or direct to site.

High Voltage Cable

  • 11kV Triplex (all DNO specifications)
  • 11kV single core XLPE
  • 11kV three core XLPE
  • 11kV private network
  • 33kV XLPE

Low Voltage Cable

  • 3 core mains waveform cable
  • 4 core mains waveform cable
  • Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSOH) Waveform
  • Concentric Service Cable (1 & 3 phase)
  • Split Concentric Service cable (1 & 3ph)
  • Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSOH) Service cable
  • Industrial mains and service cable
  • Specialist single core cable
  • Earth wire (bare and covered)
  • Double insulated meter tail
  • PVC covered conductor

Cable Ducting Systems

Twin wall, service ducting and Class 1 33Kv provided to BBA and EA specifications.

  • All compliant with ENATS12-24 specification
  • Hockey stick
  • Twinwall mains ducting
  • Red ducting
  • Smooth bore PE ducting (Class 1 33Kv)
  • Service duct

Cable Cutting

Cables cut to the length you need, to reduce wastage and simplify your site operations.

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